Monday, 26 September 2016

Google says keywords in the TLD part of your URL are ignored for ranking purposes

If you ever wondered about all those new fancy TLD's that contain certain keywords for a ranking boost, then you

might want to reconsider as in a recent article from Search Engine Land, Google confirmed that they do not take that into

consideration at all. Here is a little snippet of that article below.


Google’s John Mueller confirmed yesterday in a Google Hangout that keyword-rich TLDs, such as the new top-level domains that have keywords in them — like .LIVE, .NEWS, .ATTORNEY and so on — do not count for ranking purposes. Mueller said Google completely ignores that for ranking purposes.

He said this at the 12:45 minute mark into the hangout: “The TLD is not something we take into account there,” he said, and added that they “completely” ignore the words in the TLD portion of the URL.

There was some controversy recently around a sponsored article published here on Search Engine Land, Can moving to a new TLD boost search rankings? That article showed how one lawyer switched from a .COM to a .ATTORNEY domain and saw a nice lift in organic traffic.

Both Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google said this is not true and urged webmasters not to switch from their current TLDs to the new TLDs for “vague promises” of ranking boosts.

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