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  Facebook PPC (pay per click) advertising has become one of the most popular paid marketing options for businesses, both large and small. Facebook currently has almost two billion users all over the world, giving businesses access to a wide and varied audience. Facebook's PPC advertising allows you to target specific groups of people with your marketing messages, which means that local businesses can benefit from running campaigns targeted at members of their local community. Follow the steps below to set up a PPC ad campaign on Facebook.  

Choose Your Objectives

When setting up your ad campaign, you will be asked to choose your marketing objective. Options include building brand awareness, generating leads, encouraging app installations and increasing store visits. You can set different options to specify the most important aims of your ad campaign, such as boosting website traffic, increasing engagement, building local awareness and generating video views. The objectives you choose will form the basis of your campaign.  

Define Your Audience

Next, you will be asked to identify your intended audience. Try to be as specific as possible, as this will help to ensure that the right people are viewing your advertisements. You can set specific locations for your target audience, choose their gender, age range and the languages they speak. You can also add more detailed information, such as their profession, the industry they work in and their personal interests. In addition, you can choose only to show your ads to a custom audience, such as your website visitors.  

Set Your Budget and Schedule

Facebook allows you to set a daily or lifetime budget for your ad campaign. Setting a daily budget is usually the best option when using a new advertising platform, as it gives you greater short-term control over your advertising costs. Once you become more familiar with how the platform works, you can always switch to the lifetime budget option. You can also set a schedule for your advertisements, which enables you to choose specific dates for the beginning and end of your campaign.  

Create Your Advertisement

When creating your Facebook ad, you will need to choose the right format to suit your target audience. Using images, slideshows and videos can be highly effective ways to get your ads noticed, but you will need to consider which format will be the most appealing to your intended viewer. The placement of your advertisement is also crucial for helping to ensure the right people see your message. You can choose a variety of placements for your ads, including the desktop news feed, mobile newsfeed and Instagram.   Setting up a Facebook PPC ad campaign is a simple and effective way to build your brand, market your business, promote your products and bring new traffic to your website. Setting up your campaign involves choosing your objectives, defining your audience, setting your budget and schedule and creating your advertisement. Testing different ad formats and placements will help to ensure the best results for your marketing efforts.  

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